Student Life

Student Life at Bishop Verot


Outside of academics, Bishop Verot offers a diverse variety of extracurricular activities to make the high school experience here second to none. Our over 35 different clubs range from Catholics in Action Club to Psychology club, so there truly is one for everyone.

We have three major dances throughout the year starting with TWIRP in August, Homecoming in October, and Prom in May. Our Freshman Retreat is a seminal moment where the newest students spend a full day and night getting to know their classmates, doing service in the community, and bonding at a senior leader's house. The retreat culminates with a prayer service and adoration at night and then mass the next morning. Also during Freshman retreat, the students will write letters to themselves that they will get to open at Senior Sunset their last week of high school.

Most importantly, student life at Bishop Verot revolves around our Catholic Faith. Our students have the opportunity each year to attend the March for Life rally in Washington D.C. and Catholic Days at the Capitol in Tallahassee. We have a faith centered retreat for sophomores as well as our extremely powerful Live Jesus retreat for juniors and seniors. Finally, each Monday our entire student body witnesses Worship, an experience unique to Bishop Verot where a faculty member or student speaks to our entire community about their own personal faith journey.



House System


Our House system is an innovative way to build a strong sense of community at Bishop Verot. Each student is placed in one of our forty-two Houses when they arrive as freshman, where they will stay until they graduate. Each House is in one of our six larger communities. The entire program is student-run with leadership positions for Vikings in each grade level.

While in House, our students participate in a wide variety of activities allowing them to unplug from technology in an effort to help them socialize and destress. The communities also compete in numerous physical, mental, and service oriented challenges throughout the year culminating with one community being awarded the Viking Cup!

The House System also focuses on relationship building between students and adults who can help monitor the academic, social, and spiritual growth of each student. 

The Goals of the House System are:

  • Ensure individual care by providing each student with numerous other students and adults to monitor their well-being
  • To help combat the crisis of mental health struggles affecting teenagers
  • Strengthen the bonds of the Bishop Verot Community 
  • Create Opportunities for students of each grade level to be trained and serve as leaders
  • Enhance the ministry provided to all of our students by embracing our unapologetically Catholic values and traditions




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