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The Art Department at Bishop Verot is one of the fastest-growing areas of our school, with courses in both fine- and performing-arts. Lisa Clark leads the performing arts curriculum, featuring plays, band, choir, competitions and recitals throughout the year. The number of courses offered in fine arts grows not only in size, but talent as well. All students are welcome to experience art at Verot, from introduction classes to Advanced Placement – there is something for everyone..


Want to see our students' work? Take a look here: Bishop Verot Art Gallery



Graphic Design

In this course, students will use design as a creative process in communication. Students will also explore various methods used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. Students will use the basic elements and principles of art and also learn how to use the computer programs Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This class teaches the basics of Graphic Design through an illustrative and corporate view.


Come prepared with your own DSLR camera, as the photography curriculum is designed to take a novice photographer and teach them as much as they want to learn. Students start with mastering the trinity – Aperature, Shutter Speed and ISO. From there, students can learn about history, communications techniques, cultural effects, printmaking, lab processes and equipment, artistic approaches, all while developing a portfolio.

Digital Video

Students can either take a journalistic-, creative- or sports-based approach to digital video at Bishop Verot. This immersive program gives students the opportunity to learn basics like shot composition, camera operation, tripods and editing systems. Eventually, classes will offer the ability to learn advanced techniques, creative editing, cinematography, color correction, and the art of story-telling. Sports Broadcasting is available as well, covering school sports all year-round.


Courses start by introducing students to a variety of techniques and skills, such as perceptual, observational and compositional. Later courses focus on drawing from nature and man-made forms, with an emphasis on visual perception and expressing observations through drawings. AP Drawing is also offered.


Students learn how to communicate a range of subject matter, symbols, ideas, and concepts using knowledge of painting. The curriculum is designed for the study of aesthetic and creative potential of painting from still life, landscape, figures, and the imagination, as well as exploring color mixing and surface preparation. AP Art & Design, as well as Art History are offered.


In our longest-running elective, Coach Mike Gill teaches students the art of wood working and shop planning. Students learn about sketching, furniture design, wood finishing, hand tools and power tools. Coach Gill focuses on the operation of tools, adhesives, wood selection and purchasing, shop procedures, and skills employed both at home and in industry.


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