Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Class size. The student-teacher ratio at Bishop Verot is 18:1. The type of course (college prep, honors, or AP) and the subject (history, science, english, world language or math) can both influence class size. Classes may have anywhere between 10 and 30 students. Most classes average 23 students.

What is the dress code? Bishop Verot students have many options with the standardized attire. Students wear a polo with the BV logo, available only through Renegade's Uniform Store. In addition, students wear khaki pants.

Technology.  Please click on the technology tab, under Academics, on our website to learn more about our 1:1 iPad Program.

How does the freshman admissions process work?  Prospective freshmen begin the application process at the start of their 8th grade year. We invite families to schedule a private tour to experience the school community and learn more about the academic experience. During this month parents typically begin submitting applications and required documents in preparation for the November placement exam. This exam, along with supporting academic documents, typically determine the academic track a student will be on during their freshman year.

Transfer admissions. Upperclassmen transferring into Bishop Verot generally apply throughout the year for admission at either the start of a school year or at the semester change. While we do not require transfer students to take the placement exam, we do require supporting academic documents and a statement of discipline from the student's previous school. * Verot does not accept senior transfers except under extenuating circumstances (out of area transfers).

What is the Diocese of Venice Admissions Policy? Please click here to read the policy, including acceptance requirements.

What type of academic courses does Bishop Verot offer? Bishop Verot is a college preparatory school. We have three academic tracks - college preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement. We currently offer 24 Advanced Placement courses.

What type of scholarships and financial aid are available? Both scholarships and need-based financial aid are available. The five highest scoring students on the November placement examination are recognized as De Sales Scholars. They are awarded half tuition scholarships for four years. Tuition assistance is available for families who qualify. To be eligible for tuition assistance families must first apply for Step Up for Students, providing K - 12 scholarships for qualifying school children. Once completed, families may also submit an application through FACTS Management beginning in December.

Bishop Verot is a Catholic High School. Do you need to be Catholic in order to attend? No, while Bishop Verot is a Catholic school, approximately 30% of the current enrollment is non-Catholic.

Does Bishop Verot offer bus service? As a private school, Bishop Verot has no bus service available. Because we have students from many different areas of the county, we have set up an extensive carpool program, which matches students' transportation needs. Parents can register for the carpool by filling out an online form in the summer. This list is emailed to participating families for them to make their own arrangements.

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