Educational Support

Bishop Verot seeks to assist all students to "Be who they are and to be that well". Students with diagnosed, documented special learning needs may benefit from our Learning Services Program. It is important to understand that Bishop Verot has no special education classes.  

It is required that students with a diagnosed and documented learning disability, medical condition, or *Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder supply supporting documentation along with their application to Bishop Verot if they wish to be considered for the Learning Services Program, including receiving academic and testing accommodations. Required documentation includes a complete psycho-educational evaluation (must be completed within the last three years) as well as copies of the most current IEP or 504 Plan.

For more information about educational support offered at Bishop Verot, please contact Mrs. Karen Ward, Learning Services Coordinator, at

*A diagnosis of ADD or ADHD without any other documented learning disability does not qualify for the Learning Services program.