Verot's Cutting Edge


Bishop Verot Catholic High School is the premier technology school in southwest Florida. The school is a fully integrated 1:1 iPad school. All classrooms and school work areas have flat screens equipped with Apple TVs. Bishop Verot has both Mac and PC labs with green screen for video production as well as courses to support this technology. Bishop Verot provides students with a 4000 sq. ft. media center with charging stations and work areas for collaboration and design of school-based projects. Students use all of the technology to create, produce, and submit work through the iPads. Bishop Verot is leading the way locally in 21st Century technology.

To support the Technology program at Verot, teachers participate in regular professional development sessions. The Informational Technology Coordinator works one on one with teachers incorporating new and innovative technologies into the curriculum to enhance student learning. 

In addition, Verot’s Technology Team is available to assist students, teachers, and staff in maximizing the benefits of technology in learning as well as troubleshoot issues as they may arise. 


Technology Team 

Mrs. Stacy Leckler

Instructional Technology Coordinator 


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