Sage Dining

SAGE Dining

MySchoolBucks Program

  • Pay for your students school meals online

  • Create low balance alerts

  • Track and review purchase history

  • Make automatic and recurring payments

  • Download the myschoolbucks app and add funds on the go 

Login or create an account now: MySchoolBucks

To create an account: 

1.Login to MySchoolBucks

2.Create Account.

3.Student ID can be found on student ID under bar code - Please use BV before the ID number when registering. 

4.Add funds to Meal Account

5.Set up minimum balance notification to $20.00

6.Meal Account must be in positive balance at all times in order to purchase food

7.Please read all info about Auto Pay.


Bishop Verot Catholic High School is proud to partner with SAGE Dining Services, one of the premier providers of dining services and gourmet catering to private schools, colleges, and corporations in the Eastern United States. SAGE provides talented managers, chefs, well-trained staff members, and a creative menu to transform Verot's on-site food service into a memorable dining experience.

Bishop Verot's cafeteria is debit only, no-cash system of payment. The debit system: 1) has proven more cost effective for parents, 2) allows parents to more readily track their child’s spending, and 3) reduces waiting in lines for the students during their lunch periods.  

Setting up a debit account is relatively simple. Click on the My School Bucks link to set up an account. Should you wish to establish your child’s account by check, please make your check payable to “SAGE Dining”.  If you choose the on-line system, you will use your child’s *student ID number for the “meal account number” requested. During the school year, you can access information regarding your child’s on-going balance by contacting our SAGE Dining manager, Artur Ben, (239) 274-6765. One of the benefits of using the new card systems in the cafeteria is the ability for parents to check the purchases made by your son or daughter. To check this, please contact Artur Ben, our BVHS on-site SAGE manager, at (239) 274-6765 or by e-mail

*For new students, the ID# may be found on the front of the Student ID received during iPad training. 

Sign up today or add funds to your student's meal account by going to 

Lunch Menu

Plan ahead, see our Lunch Menu for the month! 

The lunch menu and other dining informaiton may also be found on the Sage dining app. Please click here for more information. 

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