Career Planning

According to recent statistics, it now takes the majority of students approximately 6.2 years to finish a 4 year college program. Switching majors and schools is a big reason for this, not to mention, expensive! The more you can narrow down your career/major now, the better. Career selection is a continuous process. Engaging in a study of careers takes time. It is important, however, to begin the process early on in high school. Discuss your interests and questions with your school counselor to gain insight and information.

How to decide on a career

  • Refer to the results of the Naviance Career Assessments you took sophomore year
  • Use the career links below to take additional interest inventories, research careers, learn about possible majors, etc.
  • Converse with people employed in various careers and jobs and see about Shadowing.
  • Examine your values in respect to family, friends, society, money, responsibility, and education.
  • Ask yourself how you can best make positive contributions to society.
  • Don’t confuse what you do with who you are.  What you choose to do is your decision.  You will be successful as long as you live with self-respect and integrity.
  • Read papers; listen to the news.
  • Be sure to prepare a resume (this is required as a part of your Summer Assignment before senior year)!


UNCW's Career Services - What Can I Do With A Major In?
Click on career for a general description about the field

College Board's Career Browser
Browse specific jobs and learn about working conditions, job forecasts, related professions, ans what you can be doing right now to reach your goals

College View's Career Center
You will find all the info & help you need to jumpstart your career

Money matters, military opportunities, beyond high school and more

Provides useful advice on college and university majors

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Department of Labor publication; standard source of information on specific occupations; best site for exploring everything you need to know about a career

O*NET Online
Making occupational information interactive and accessible for all


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