Scholars Academy Admission

The Scholar's Academy at Bishop Verot High School serves outstanding students by helping them improve their aptitude for lifelong learning and accomplishment in their area of study. Through its interdisciplinary approach, it offers leadership seminars, honors sections of Core Curriculum classes, individualized academic and professional advisement, opportunities for internships/externships, dual enrollment courses, and an extensive community of high achieving individuals. The Scholars Program places a strong focus on social justice and service in the community. These graduates will go on to pursue advanced degrees during their collegiate years. This is a competitive program with limited spots. To be considered, you must meet the following criteria:

Minimum Requirements for  Admission:

1. Score at or above the 85th percentile on at least three sections of the STS High School Placement Exam

2. Do not score below the 50th percentile on any section of the STS High School Placement Exam

3. All students must maintain A's and B's as a semester average in any subject throughout middle school (Applicant's report card required)

4. All students must maintain satisfactory attendance and conduct throughout middle school (Applicant's report card required)

* All DeSales Scholarship winners qualify for the Scholars Academy

Students who do not qualify as an incoming freshman can be invited after first semester or second semester of freshman year. To be invited, the student must have:

1. 4.0 weighted GPA

2. At least 3 honors classes during freshman year

3. Satisfactory discipline and attendance record

4. At least 2 extra-curricular activities including athletics and clubs

For more information, contact Mrs. Kelley Kaminsky at