Safe Environment Program

As Christian adults, we have a moral and legal responsibility and are entrusted by God with the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of minors and vulnerable adults.

As they participate in activities within or sponsored by our diocese, it is our commitment to provide an environment which is safe and nurturing. Therefore, the mission of the Safe Environment Program is:

  • To provide required education for all employees (clergy, religious and laity), those volunteers and others regularly involved with minors, and parents, as to the issue of abuse of children including the detection, prevention and reporting of child abuse.
  • To provide required training programs for children and young people in our Catholic schools and religious education programs. This includes age appropriate materials pertaining to personal safety and information about improper touching and relationships. Children are not expected to be fully knowledgeable about child abuse or of the laws governing care of children but they need to know when they should seek assistance from a trusted adult.
  • To thoroughly screen and evaluate the background of all diocesan employees – clergy, religious and laity – and those volunteers who work with children and young people.

To hold those who minister in the name of the Church of Venice – all diocesan employees (clergy, religious and laity) and those volunteers who work with children and young people – to Christ-centered and professional codes of conduct.

School Involvement 

Two Steps to Complete the Volunteer Process


Register online - instructions below

Safe Environment Training 

All Safe Environment Training will be online through Virtus. As soon as the volunteer registers in Virtus and the account is activated by the DOV, the volunteer will receive an email with a link to begin Safe Environment Training online.

Fingerprint and Safe Environment Training Instructions

Please go to -

Scroll down to Safe Environment. On the Diocesan Safe Environment Website, click "New to the Diocese?"

Follow the prompts for background screening and safe environment training certification.  You will be guided through the process by creating an account in Virtus Online.

Complete your account in Virtus by clicking the link to register for the fingerprints process.

Once registered with the Diocese and completing the fingerprint process you must attend a Safe Environment Training class. The class is offered periodically throughout the year. 

 For more information or additional instructions please contact Ms. Suzanne Sim at 239-274-6747 or  

Our students’ safety is our highest priority. All visitors must check in at the front desk using the Raptor system.  A valid photo id is required each time.

Reporting Abuse 

Please click here for instructions for reporting abuse within the Diocese of Venice.