iPad Help


  1. Turn off your iPad and turn it back on.
  2. Review video tutorials listed for appropriate guidance. 
  3. Delete and reinstall trouble apps.
  4. Double check your AppleID is correct.
  5. Contact Mr. Ventiquattro at tony.ventiquattro@bvhs.org.

Book Help?  See these Instructions for help downloading your PDF textbooks. Book Download Instructions (PDF)

Lost iPad?  Follow these steps:

1. Go to www.iCloud.com, login with your AppleID and choose Find my iPhone. 

2. In the top middle of the screen, click on drop down menu and choose your iPad. 

3. You can locate device, but more importantly, send a sound to the device. You can also put a message on screen to turn in to your location or Mr. Ventiquattro's office.  

4. Check with front office or iPad office to see if it has been turned in there.

5.  If you cannot access another device to do this, please see Mr. Ventiquattro as soon as possible.  

6.  Follow these steps as soon as you realize your iPad is missing. Waiting could mean the battery discharging and NOT being able to locate it. 

iPad Student Handbook

See the following document for updated rules and policies regarding iPad use at Bishop Verot Catholic High School.

iPad Student Technology Agreement.PDF