Name Title Email Phone

Office of the Principal

  Suzie O'Grady, MPA, S. Ed.  Principal  239-274-6733
  Kate Hamstra '03, M. Ed.  Assistant Principal for Curriculum 239-274-6702
  Jorge Fleitas, MS Assistant Principal for Student Affairs  239-274-6769
  Suzanne Sim  Administrative Assistant 239-274-6747

Main Office 

  Donna Gargano Receptionist 239-274-6701
  Suzanne Sim  Safe Environment Coordinator 239-274-6747

Academic Affairs

  Kim Murphy Registrar  239-274-6791


  Patty Holmes  Director of Admissions and Communications  239-274-6760


  Jeff Brown '80 Director of Development  239-274-6730
  Suzanne Sim  Administrative Assistant  239-274-6747


  Jason Baumgardner Athletic Director 239-274-6712
  Jessica Cole Assistant Athletic Director 239-274-6755
  Kaitlin Nicholson, MS, LAT, CSCS Athletic Trainer 239-274-6749

Campus Ministry

  Fr. Casey Jones Campus Chaplain 239-274-6750

Facilities, Operations and Plant Management

  Manny Acevedo  Director of Operations  239-274-6729
  Russ Ladwig   
  Mark Murphy   
  Dunia Hernandez   


  Kathleen Houghton Director of Finance 239-274-6703


  Dep. Ozzy Gamez Safety Resource Officer - LCSO  239-274-3784

Student Affairs 

  Regina Fair, RN, BSN    School Nurse / Attendance 239-274-6700
  Mark Latell '83 Director of Religious Activities  239-274-6758
  Brad Negulescu DIrector of Student Life  
  Christina Lavender, MS Dean of Students 239-274-6772
  Matt Hiller, MA  Assistant Dean of Students   

Student Services 

  Maria Barbato, M. Ed. Director of School Counseling 239-274-6734
  Deanna Breen '94, M. Ed., S. Ed.   School Counselor 239-274-6735
  Stacey Elmeer, MFA International Student Coordinator  239-274-6707
  Kelley Kaminsky '95, M. Ed.  Counseling Advisor  239-274-6793
  Karen Ward  Learning Services Coordinator 239-274-6773
  Denise York '82 Academic Advisor 239-274-6744


  Jason Castaldo, M. Ed. Director of Technology Systems 239-274-6723
  Tony Ventiquattro Director of Educational Technology  



Name Title Email Phone


  Mary Dakin Department Head  239-274-6785
  Clayton Atkins '05 239-274-6725
  Jennifer Crouch 239-274-6708
  Stacey Elmeer, MFA 239-274-6707
  Lysa Kennedy 239-274-6761
  Jeff Rehm, M. Ed 239-274-6705

Fine and Practical Arts

  Stacey Elmeer, MFA  Department Head 239-274-6707
  Linda Burke, MAT  Band Director 239-274-6710
  Jason Castaldo, M. Ed.  239-274-6723
  Lisa Clark '07 Theater Manager  239-274-6786
  Hajnalka Egri-Martin  239-274-6715
  Stacey Elmeer, MFA 239-274-6707
  Mike Gill '68 239-274-6745
  Kelly Metevia 269-374-6756

Health & Physical Education

  Matt Herting 239-274-6752

Learning Strategies

  Karen Ward Learning Services Coordinator 239-274-6773


  Ron DelaCuesta Department Head 239-274-6774
  Jim Johnson   
  Mark Latell '83 239-274-6758
  Taylor Marinell '05 239-274-6726
  Lori Shriner 239-274-6777
  Stuart Westran 239-274-6704
  David Zukin, M. Ed. 239-274-6713


  Stefanie Hart '94, D.C. Department Head 239-274-6776
  Erica Childs  239-274-6720
  Jeff Fowler 239-274-6728
  Amy Miramontes  239-274-6753
  Kurt Prey 239-274-6770
  Katie Schlotterbeck 239-274-6740
  Michele Vocu, M. Ed. 239-274-6767

Social Studies

  Greg Koziuk, MS Department Head 239-274-6743
  Vanessa Akin '02 239-274-6751
  John Hobbs, MBA  239-274-6763
  Stacey Klein, MA, Ph. D. 239-274-6757
  Brad Negulescu  239-274-6742
  John Nolan '89, MS, Ed. S. 239-274-6778
  Joseph Novak, ME  239-274-6716
  Casey Scott, MS   casey.scott@bvhs.org6735 239-274-6783
  Bruce Waddell '02 239-274-6731
  Denise York '82 239-274-6744


  Chris Kelly  Department Head 239-274-6775
  Katie Davis, MA, 239-274-6771
  Johanna Meyers, MA 239-274-6732
  Bob Pennington, MA, Ph.D.   
  Jim Whealan  239-274-6701

World Languages

  Lori Timson, M. Ed. Department Head  239-274-6739
  Anna Benitez 239-274-6709
  Linda Burke, MAT 239-274-6710
  Hajnalka Egri-Martin, M. Ed. 239-274-6715
  Leslie Fine 239-274-6737
  Lynnan Grissinger, M. Ed. 239-274-6714