Athletic Hall of Fame

Selection Criteria

Criteria for Selecting Induction Class

Individuals nominated must represent one of the following four categories:   

  1. Athlete/Alumni: Any person who has distinguished himself/herself in the field of athletics while a student at Bishop Verot Catholic High School. Considerations should include All-State recognition, All-American recognition, Pro Selection, outstanding college accomplishments, and college scholarship recipient or college participant. The first year of eligibility for nominees is the ten-year anniversary of the nominees year of graduation. Other considerations may be taken into account but may not take the place of the above criteria. Alumni that distinguish themselves after graduation but did not participate in sports while at Bishop Verot are not eligible.
  2. Coach: Any coach with at least 7 years of service at Bishop Verot Catholic High School and 15 years of coaching experience can be nominated. The nominees must be inactive to be eligible for consideration. Criteria are based on accomplishments that merit statewide recognition as well as significant contributions to the athletic programs at Bishop Verot Catholic High School.
  3. Contributor: Any individual who has made outstanding contributions to the interscholastic athletic programs at Bishop Verot Catholic High School (other than coaching or playing) are eligible for nomination.
  4. Teams: Members of State Championship teams will be specially honored by the Hall of Fame and invited to return to Sports Banquets as a team on significant anniversary years.

Requirements for Nomination

  1. Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character.
  2. All candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long-term contributions to athletic endeavors.
  3. Acknowledged leadership in his/her chosen field or community, state and or national presence will be considered. 

Nominating Procedures

  1. Inductees may be nominated either by the selection committee, by current faculty, administration, staff; and by current members of the community or by alumnus.
  2. Nominations should be accompanied by a nomination form,  letter of recommendation, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, etc., and a current photograph.

All questions and nominations should be forwarded to Mike Gill '68, Director of Alumni Relations at or (239)274-6745.

Bishop Verot Athletic Hall of Fame
c/o Mike Gill
5598 Sunrise Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Hall Of Fame Members 


Mike Gill '68
Kim Grabowski '85
Adam Piatt '94
John "Jay" Shephard, Jr. '75
Duane Swanson, Benefactor 


Fr. John Beattie, OSFS, Coach
Fr. Joe Beattie, OSFS, Coach
Dwayne Thomas '91
Donny Overholser, Benefactor 


Leslie Brown '90
Carl Kistel, Benefactor


1984 Volleyball Team 
1994 Baseball Team


Ed Korzep, Coach 
Joe Masleter '90


Colin Kelly '71
Jennifer Mallett '89
1974 Football Team 


2001 Boys' Soccer Team 
Matt Cull '99
Kristine Mengle '01
Bill Shields, Coach 


Dawn Delo '99
Reggie Battle '85
Dr. Abbot Kagan, Benefactor


Nancy Eskay '97
George Kistel, Benefactor
Tom LoSauro '79


1990 Football Team 
R.C. Campagnolo '87
Christen Spake '02


Barbara Garratt - Benefactor
Tara Taylor '02
Hunter Boot '89


Jason Holler '92
Catherine (Katie) Brady '99
Ross Lane '04
Skip Mitchell - Contributor